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Modular Kitchen Price Estimator

Estimate the price of your modular kitchen in the most transparent way - it's simple, easy, and takes a few steps. Simply select the options that you would want for your kitchen

Straight Kitchen in Guwahati by Dee Modular
Straight Kitchen

ideal choice for small homes 

About Modular Kitchen Price Estimator


Our idea for a modular kitchen price calculator is to approximate but fairly understand the price of your kitchen, with figures as close as possible to the actual cost. Prices may vary depending on customization, execution, location and city, brands and prices of brands, the complexity involved, and possible future changes to the design as the project progresses. Many different items such as electrical fittings, pipes, hoses, etc. can also increase the cost of your modular kitchen towards the end of the project. One of the biggest obstacles to kitchen planning is to accurately visualize how your new space will look after the project done. Our interior designers at Dee Modular have quickly made the 3D kitchen visualization, providing you with views covering all aspects of the undeveloped space, can even help you visualize the entire space and clearly understand the project before you actually start on the project. Curious to try it? Get started here.

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You Don't Have to Imagine any More!

Your Kitchen Planning Start From Here

We create an interactive 3D design of your kitchen that fits your style and budget then help revise until you’re 100% happy.

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